About Us


Our Commitment

 KB LABS provides the most accurate and precise testing results.

We follow the American Herbal Pharmacopeia, Cannabis Inflorescence Standards of Identity, Analysis and Quality Control. (Revision 2014)

We understand that you need to get your product into your customers hands quickly, which is why we at KB LABS guarantee fast  turn around on your  results.

KB LABS performs all testing in compliance with California state regulations and requirements, using only experienced, professional technicians and a PhD medical director.

KB LABS  management comes from the medical diagnostic healthcare.


Our Technology


HPLC technology in potency testing.

LCMS & GCMS technology in pesticide screening.

GCMS technology in terpene profiling.

 qPCR /DNA technology in microbial  testing.

GC technology in residual solvents testing. 

Atomic Spectroscopy for heavy metals testing .

 Innovative weight and measurement  technologies. 

 ISO 17025 accreditation in process.

National Cannabis Industry Association Member.

Using the best and the latest  analytical equipment ensures quality, and peace of mind for your testing results and patients  safety . Together we can help them accurately dose their medicine  and consume it safely


In additional to our brick and mortar lab we provide mobile testing at the growers facility

 Special arrangement require to activate the van with large quantities of samples that need same day testing results mainly THC levels such as Hemp farmers.