Growers and Producers


Testing packages

We offer testing packages throughout the cultivation, the extraction and the manufacturing process.

It’s a game changer!

Those testing packages provide growers and producers with the ability to determine  optimal  harvest conditions and identify potential product quality problems early enough to take corrective action.


Extraction Process Control

Compliance with process control is a major part of current good manufacturing practices! What comes out of the process of extraction will always depend on what goes in, no matter how talented personal are, test any raw material and remember you are concentrating everything in your sample not just the cannabinoids, the pesticide, the mycotoxins, the heavy metals will still stay in your concentrate. Also you want to know the levels of the cannabinoids and terpenes going in? If you don’t test, you don’t know!  We offer extraction testing packages!


Cultivation Process Control

Every grower seek optimal harvest condition. To achieve that a lot of work goes in the cultivation process. From seed/clone to harvest you should test your plants throughout the growing process. From potency to terpenes, contaminates to pesticides, our Cultivation Process Control packages will identify potential growth quality problem early enough for you to take corrective action.