Testing A-Z I Wholesalers and Growers


Potency Analysis

Accurate determination of cannabinoids concentrations in cannabis samples is the most important component of cannabis testing. Our instruments deliver high accuracy for not only THC but also a wide variety of other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC and more.


Terpenes Analysis

Terpenes are produced in trichrome were THC is produced and give cannabis its distinctive flavor and aroma. Terpenes also act as essential and medical hydrocarbon. From pine to citrus to limonene the character of the sample is profiled by our sensitive instruments to produce a high accuracy terpene profile.


Pesticide Residue Analysis

Pesticides are used in commercial cannabis grow operations to kill insects and spiders that thrive on cannabis plants. Pesticides are carcinogenic and mutagenic, causing serious harm to cannabis consumers, especially immuno-compromised medicinal cannabis users. We own the most sensitive and comprehensive pesticide screening and confrmation testing instruments available on the market today. We test pesticides per California state regulations.