Testing A-Z III Dispensaries and Growers

Moisture content

The moisture content of cannabis is measured with a moisture meter that is an essential  electronic  instrument used in many industries to detect moisture content in foods and other items like wood and vegetation. Most moisture meters are calibrated and provides accurate reading. Typically, in cannabis moisture content readings should be below 15% when the product is in market. 

Residual Solvent Testing

Residual solvents are leftover chemicals from the process used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The solvents are evaporated to prepare high-concentration oils and waxes. Sometimes, the evaporation process does not remove all of the solvent. Since these solvents are not safe for human consumption, it is important to verify their absence so you can guarantee you are providing a safe, chemical-free product.

We come to you !

 And yes, did we mention we come to your facility with all this technology in cannibas testing, to test only your products that day.